With the storms that have gone through Dallas in and the Ft Worth Area and being very early in the season that is known for dropping hail stone.  There is one company, that is known for representing you and maintaining the value of your vehicle.  They are the Experts when it comes to Paintless Dent Removal in the Dallas and Ft Worth area, check out Dallas Dent Removal, they are the local company with loaner vehicle ready for you.  They will represent you and not your insurance company.  They accept all insurance companies, yet they only contract with you.  They do not have DRP agreements, DRP agreements are contracts other companies to cut corners on the repairs of your vehicle.

We reward ourselves with a new vehicle and like clockwork that first dent happens. Whether it’s from a shopping cart, another door opening, falling items from shelves or in these cases, hail falling from the sky. That feeling of dread engulfs us all as we watch our invest get beat up by hail. Now we have to make a decision on what road we will travel. DFW, there is only one choice when your paint has not been compromised, even when roof rails and body-lines receive dents, the damage should always be inspected by a Expert. Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Hail Repair, by an Expert technician.

There are so many more choices in PDR technicians, these days, in and around our area, not to mention the world. So now you do not have to agonize over these eye sores any longer. Contact a Paintless Dent Removal expert, like ourselves, and allow us to eliminate that awful feeling, and take handle all the paperwork with your insurance company.

Hail damage is generally on all panels of a vehicle, and dents on roof rails and pillars are reinforced, double walled and virtually inaccessible from the interior side. Hail dents on roofs, require removal of interior parts.

So how do we do it? The answer is simple, advanced glue pulling and tapping with one of the best blending hammers on the market, great surgeral fabricated tools, and other specialized equipment. Glue tabs that are utilized during this removal included a combination of crease, body-lines, oval and many others. Special thanks to Keco for their ice tabs, Tomco for the rail tabs and Black Plague’s crease tabs. All above tabs effectively had a mix of superior pulling power and finesse when needed.

For Dent Experts, there is not a strong enough word in any language to describe the overwhelming satisfaction felt after Paintless Dent removal is complete, and to see the smiles on the customer's faces during the delivery inspection.

Thank you again, Dallas and Ft Worth, for entrusting and to once again prove that Paintless Dent Removal has and will continue to be the best choice on hail damage.

As always our very best to all and here's to the continuation of Paintless Dent Removal excellence all around the world and most importantly an unequivocal commitment to professional customer service and satisfaction.

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